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EVEN though concrete is sought after as a durable material for practical uses, it is unfortunately not indestructible and immune to the effects of surrounding elements. Along with normal wear; exposure to harsh chemicals, ultraviolet rays and pollution can turn that once attractive decorative surface into an eyesore.

The good news is that it is not necessary to replace what is there but simply apply one of the many solutions listed here to recondition what already exists. All of which are much more cost-effective than the noisy process of tearing out and replacing existing concrete. Resurfacing is non-evasive with endless style and color options. Or if your concrete is grey to begin with, by means of color we can help you add to it warmth, style or a sense of curb appeal.

Create a world with decorative interior concrete. As an ever-growing field, interior concrete has been widely enjoyed by those who have thought outside of the box. Decoratively color stained, stenciled, coated, polished and densified; interior concrete not only looks rich but also makes a statement that you are unique.Its practicality can also be seen in that it can be a more cost-effective option than the installation of other floor coverings. It also is easier to clean and cost less to maintain.

To start getting ideas, please click on the link of the preferred product manufacturer below.

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We can help you see those ideas on your own concrete by using our innovative visualization software. By simply taking a digital photo of the area, you can see what your concrete can look like color stained or decoratively resurfaced with a stamped pattern or simple broom finish.

See an interactive sample of how it works by clicking on the "online visualizer" button.

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  • decorative stamp overlay
  • color reconditioning
  • garage floor treatments
  • industrial coatings
  • polishing
  • hardening
  • densifying
  • power washing
  • sealing

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